Footsteps in the Sheets

by BOXicle Jenkins

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Lyrics written and performed by BOXicle Jenkins with the creative inspiration of the instrumental track "Homewards" by Mndsgn.


Oh man
The feeling's grand
I'll disappear with a trillion stash in this MIC stand
The blueprint, the master plan
Loose leaf, Bruce Lee, two piece, faster than Jamaicans ran
My ramen from Japan
Generations in rotation
I die a man, mortal onto the next portal, contraband
Gram to gram, toe to toe
Opium flow even the turtle know the scams
Empty your pockets
Pick your locket, pick your mind
It's the moron in line
Hey Charlie, let's get it started
Fire the charcoal beside me
Feel fine, brain and spine
Gravitational pull to make it mine
Gravitational pull so it be mine
Red wine, red wine
Where's the rum? Oh press rewind
Elements combine
Rise and shine or sleep
But don't repeat, psychedelic freaks
We are, only burns not scars sweetheart
Behold the sitar, that looked like a banjo
But made you dance tango
Vasta un poquito mas de salsa
From la Raza hasta los Rastas
Veggies with my pasta
Forget the imposters
Salute to my potnas
We harvesting lovely, trust me
Tie-Dye Brothers
Until my soul goes above me
But even then, I shall remain
Freely, intimately, knee deep
Between the sheets, inside the beats

All I need
Mi negrita and me

That's all I need
Mi Negrita and Me
All I need
Grab the keys, grab the weed, let's go in search of infinity

That's all I need
Grab the beats, grab the Trees, let's go skinny dip in infinity

Mi Negrita and Me to infinity...


released March 9, 2016
Recorded and Mixed by: Pete Lutringer at Phat Planet Studios.
Artwork by: Wes Bandemer



all rights reserved


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